Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Carpe Diem!

For the longest time, i thought it was good to have plenty of money.  To be a millionaire, to live in mansions. It looked  awesome to set up a business network....etc etc.  I have started from the root level and worked hard through it (and even though i am not a millionaire ), i know the hard work, time, conflicts and the gigantic efforts behind it, i now know that it is not worth it. Trust me, the heavy bank balance is simply not worth the life you have wasted away. The story you tell your kids at bedtime will give you far more satisfaction than your sports car. The beautiful crockery you bought for your mother in law will make her smile more than your mansion. The blessings and prayers of  the less privileged you have helped will protect you through worst times than the smartest lot of your employees. .

None of the bigger houses have given me memories as sweet as the 450 sft. rented home we first moved in. No car can recreate the ecstasy we had on our first bike, bundled together and sped into the city.. my branded jewelry cannot give the pure joy of a tiny bud that blossomed in my pot yesterday. I can go on and on..

My concept of money has changed drastically over the years. I am now a minimalist. I do not want to own a fortune. Ever. I do not want properties in my name. I do not want to hoard money. Just enough for the family to be safe and sound and meet all their needs. I want my hands to be free when i go from here. Like they say, money is what money does. I want to make sure all the money is spent on right causes, for the people we love, in the right manner. "I do not want to be a millionaire.  I just want to live like one"

 I now know that rich people are not happy people.. they worry constantly.. keeping their money safe.. against million rules and regulations.. of doubling it.. of competitions.. of expansions. . Of losing it all!  The amount of time that goes into it..they'd wish they spend more time with their family, took time for their simple interests..they would wish they had not wasted a good chunk of their LIFE.  But by the time they wish so.. it would be too late. Too late!

So sing a song.. Dance.. Eat.. Read.. Live..Love.. make some more love and be merry!
Carpe diem! Seize the day! Make your lives EXTRA ORDINARY!


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